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About Brad Kalbfeld

Brad Kalbfeld has been a writer, reporter, editor and news executive for more than 36 years, including 22 as Managing Editor/Broadcast for The Associated Press. At AP, he played a leading role in the launch of such products as the Online Video Network, GraphicsBank (the first interactive database of television graphics), SoundBank (the online archive of AP’s millions of audio sound bites) and television feed services such as APTN Florida.  He was responsible for AP’s broadcast wire, audio and domestic video operations and has produced coverage of such major events as 9/11, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Persian Gulf, two space shuttle disasters and five presidential elections.


He is author of the AP Broadcast News Handbook, used in newsrooms and journalism courses across the country.


His skills are a unique blend of journalism, technology and business.  His experience includes field coverage, news writing and editing, news production, strategic planning, product launches, labor relations, technology management (having led the design and construction of two multimedia newsrooms and supervised the Broadcast Engineering department) and budget management.


He provided input for the design of AP’s first management mentoring program, AP Colleagues, and was a mentor in the inaugural year of the program.  He and his protege were cited as examples of how the mentoring relationship can be successful.  He was invited back to be a mentor in the second year and is proud of the record of both of the talented AP staffers he advised.  


As a foreign correspondent, Kalbfeld covered the travels of Pope John Paul II to such places as South Korean, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Canada and Poland in the midst of the anti-Communist Solidarity labor movement.  He also covered the Versailles summit, the British end of the Falklands war, the re-election of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister of Britain, the funeral of Indira Ghandi, the funeral of Princess Grace of Monaco, U.S.-Soviet nuclear disarmament talks, the arrival of the U.S. Marines in Lebanon and U.S. Middle East shuttle diplomacy.


Kalbfeld’s experience spans a wide range of business and editorial activities and enables him to bring many skills to your project.  Click on each skill for more details:


Identify new revenue opportunities

Identify potential partners

Clearly identify the operating and capital costs
Plan improvements in your content workflow

Draw up a financial pro forma

Negotiate terms of agreements

Coach managers in leading the transformation

Identify  the skills that need to be added to your newsroom

Identify  the staffers whose abilities most match the new multimedia needs

Design and conduct group training

Train individual staffers

Monitor performance and provide periodic status reports

Analyze the existing workflow to identify critical tasks

Suggest specific workflow changes

Design an implementation plan including communications, training and execution




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